Papers Presented at Digital Humanities 2014

Literary Lab Team at DH 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland

The Nebraska Literary Lab Team at DH 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland

Dimmit, Laura, Gabrielle Kirilloff, Chandler Warren, and James Wehrwein. “Exploring the Intersection of Personal and Public Authorial Voice in the Works of Willa Cather”. 2014.

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Kumari, Ashanka, Courtney Lawton, Carmen McCue, Jose Luis Moreno, and Grace Thomas. “Detecting Linguistic Signal in Cather’s Early Journalism: Polishing the Bibliography”. 2014

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Ankenbrand, Rebecca; Bernardini, Caterina; Brotnov Eckstrom, Mikal; Kinnaman, Alex; Tedrow, Kimberly Ann. “Quantifying ‘The Thing Not Named': A Computational Analysis of Willa Cather’s ‘Unfurnished’ Writing Style(s)”. 2014.

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Paper Presented at Digital Humanities Forum 2014

Morgan Condello, Ross Harrison, Jennifer Isasi, Alex Kinnaman, Ashanka Kumari. “A Methodology for Character Networks at the Macroanalytical Level”. 2014

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